One Hive Co. Beeswax Wrap
This beeswax wrap is a great fit for our family. It is used all the time in our house. I wanted to try and do our part to be less wasteful. We now hardly ever use plastic wrap. This product works great.

E-Know Produce Bags

I was considering getting a product like this for a long time because I would go to the grocery store and would be shocked at how many plastic produce bags you use each time. Any for what? so they can go in the trash? So I went online and found these. I have used them on every grocery shop since.

Handmade and Reusable Bees Wax Wrap

Yes this is another beeswax wrap guys. I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to beeswax wrap for some reason. Now surprise surprise I love this one as well. The design just does it for me. Cute little bees are all over the wrap. With wrap like this it is so great when you get to have a funky design on it. So much better than using plastic guys. I would for sure recommend this wrap.

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