We All Scream For Ice Cream

Hello Sugar Lovers!

We are trying something new yet again this time! I never thought of making ice cream because quite frankly I thought it took a heck of a lot of work. The mixing and the churning….uh….sounds exhausting. I did however fine a recipe that you didn’t need to churn anything!! I wanted to do a little something for Easter and I saw this recipe online and I just had to do it.

I found the recipe on Delish by Joanna Saltz. Thank you very much Joanna for changing my views on ice cream for the near future. The recipe is super simple. Its so simple that even when I messed it up (go figure) it still worked!

Your going to need

  • 3 cups of Heavy Cream
  • 2 14oz. cans of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups Robin’s Egg malted milk ball candies, crushed, plus a few handfuls for topping
  • One loaf pan

*everything else you can find in your kitchen*

So let me tell you a story guys… I was off to a very very mediocre start with this one. I got the malted eggs and I thought I got the wrong kind but it turns out I got the right ones so that was a plus! However everything else went down hill in a hurry.
So first thing your probably going to want to do is crush up the eggs (2 cups worth) I used the side of a knife. Needless to say a lot of the eggs did end of going flying across the kitchen. Once that is done you can set them off to the side and start mixing the other ingredients.

So that part was pretty much the only thing that I did right. The first step is to pour the cream into a mixer and mix it until you have a bit of a mound appear. The first thing that I did wrong was getting the correct cream….

I was under the impression that I would go to the cream section and a carton of heavy cream would be sitting there waiting for me. This is not what happened. I couldn’t find anything like that so I just chanced it and got whipping cream which I figured would be close enough. Then when I tried to get the whipping cream (it only came in small cartons) so I had to get 2. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I wasn’t as short as I am. How does this even apply do you ask? Well! let me tell you. There was one kind that was on sale so I grabbed one of those and I couldn’t reach another one so I had to grab one that wasn’t on sale which made super saver Ashley very grumpy.

If that wasn’t enough I messed up the amount of condensed milk too. It says to get 2 14 oz. cans. I did not get this I could only find 2 300 ml cans. I figured whatever I wasn’t opening a third can for just part of it.

Then the biggest thing that I fudged up was mixing it together. How could I possibly mess that up do you ask? Well what can I say my lack of baking intelligence knows no bounds. You are suppose to put the cream in the mixer and mix it until mounds appear. I however didn’t look at the recipe and just dumped both the cream and milk into the bowl.


I resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t going to work out but might as well give it a shot right? So I mixed it all together anyway.

Then you put in your malted milk balls that you had crushed up. Keep some though so you can put it on top of the ice cream. I find that it’s really open to whatever you want to do. You can put as many as you want into it. You can also use this recipe for different types of candies as well.
Once it is all mixed up pour your creation into a loaf pan. Your going to put your toppings on then you will put it into the freezer. The recipe from Delish says to put it in the fridge for up to 4 hours or overnight. I just decided that I would put mine in over night because it’s going to need all the help it can get.

When it was done I gave my fiance some and he actually said to me that it tasted better than ice cream you get in a container……ya….wow. It really is good and it just goes to show you that even when you think you messed it all up keep going because you never know how it’s going to turn out!

Another big shout out to Joanna on Delish. This recipe is awesome! Go check it out guys https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipes/a46300/robins-egg-no-churn-ice-cream/
I know I did tell you guys that I would put up my Saint Patricks Day Cupcake Blog. I figured it was way to late for that but let me know if you would like me to put it up for you guys!

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Happy Baking Everyone!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Baker

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